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2024 Charity
Application Process


The applications are in and have been through the initial review by our Charities Team. A huge thank you to the many hours spent by this team combing through applications. This August our NCB Nations will blindly review and rank the charities in order to receive funds. All charities will be contacted via email with an official response.

​7 Belgian Charities
23 International Charities

21 Countries Represented
€256.510 Requested


Who we are


It is a non-profit association, officially registered as an ASBL since the 26th of April 2005, with the following objectives:

  • To organise social events and activities with the aim of collecting funds to donate to charity.

  • To bring together the employees and families of NATO HQ to foster friendship within its international community.

In 2010, the organization changed its name from the NATO Wives Bazaar to the NATO Charity Bazaar.


There are two categories of members:

  • Full member: A national representative (NR) for each nation that participates in the activities and social events of the Association.

  • Associate member: Any person who takes part in the organisation of events and activities of the Association.

There is currently no membership fee.


The Board manages the Association. Its members are elected by the General Assembly amid the volunteers from participating countries. Each member of the board participates actively in the organization of one or more activities and/or social events, or in the pre- selection of charitable associations.

The Board elects, amongst its members, a Management Board comprised of a President, a Vice-President and a Treasurer. The President represents the Association in all its activities.


Our funds are donated to Belgian (35%) and International Charities (65%).

Charities interested in requesting donations need to complete the Application Form. Each year, the application process starts on the 1st of May and ends on the 1st June.

The Charities are pre-selected by the Board and visited by a team of member volunteers (apart from International Charities). The final list of Charities selected by the General Meeting for the year is issued no later than mid-October.

Funds are transferred to the charities before the end of December each year.

How we work

During whole year the NATO Charity Bazaar organises several activities and social events with the aim of collecting funds to donate to charity.


NATO Charity Bazaar - Christmas Market

The most important and popular event organized each year in November: around fourty stands with national products and goods, restaurant part with national food and international Tombola with amazing prizes.

Parties & activities

Local events, perfect to bring together the employees and families of NATO HQ to foster friendship within its international community.

Bake sales
& National sales

Small lovely coridor events with traditional homemade food and National goods and crafts. Some nice moments in the middle of the office day.

Get in Touch

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to send your application form


to become an official sponsor


to offer some goods as prizes for our International Tombola

in other cases, please use this contact form:

Thank you for your message!

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