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The NATO Charity Bazaar ASBL (NCB) was initially formed in 1967 as the NATO International Military Staff (IMS) Officer Wives Group. This Group was created to facilitate friendship and develop a family feeling within the IMS’ international community. These women, dedicated to their cause, organized the first official bazaar two years later, and they brought unique items from their native countries, many homemade. This bazaar raised 24.586 Belgian Francs, which was all donated to the Save the Children Fund in London, England.

Over the next 38 years, the organization grew and on 26 April 2005, further solidified its legitimacy by becoming an officially registered ASBL (non-profit organization) with two objectives:

  • To organize social events and activities with the aim of collecting funds to donate to charity, and

  • To bring together the employees and family of NATO Headquarters to foster friendship within its international community. Currently, the NCB is comprised of volunteers from 42 nations, with its members representing NATO Allies and Partners for Peace nations; an established board consisting of up to 20 positions;

  • and the support and patronage of the wife of the Secretary General, as well as, the Deputy Secretary General, Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Deputy Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff, and their spouses.

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